5 Reasons you should refurbish your furniture

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September 20, 2016 Furniture, Refurbish

Are you lamenting over your old and broken furniture and wondering what you could do to restore its glory? Let’s face it, wear and tear is a part of your furniture’s life that you must come to terms with.  Sometimes it happens naturally due to long usage, or you may just come home one evening and find your favorite piece broken by the kids during play.  Or could it be your taste has shifted a bit and your current furniture no longer does it for you? Refurbishing your furniture is exactly what you need to give your furniture a complete makeover.

Repair of your broken furniture is not just an aesthetics issue, though, it’s also important for your safety. Safety is paramount around any house or office and can be compromised by having a broken armchair or table leg lying around. This can cause injuries to you, your family members, visitors or workers. Replacement may not always be the best option, and in other times, it may not be possible. This is especially true where the furniture may have been made of materials that are now either very rare, or no longer available in the market.  In this situation refurbishing the furniture will repair any damage and restore the piece to a stable state.

Refurbishing is the best way of changing your home décor at little or no cost at all. You may have repainted your room in some of your favourite colours at that time, but for some reason, those colours no longer appeal to you. In addition, it may be that your style is now outdated, although it was a timeless furniture trend twenty years ago.  Instead of dumping those beautiful pieces, consider refurbishing. This may involve repainting with a less bright colour or with colours of richer texture. Refurbishing your furniture also comes in handy when you want to harmonise your furniture with the décor theme of your new house. 

You may think that refurbishing your furniture will cost you an arm and a leg, however, refurbishments don’t have to be that expensive. The cost will depend on many factors such as the extent of damage and the type of furniture. Where the damage is minimal, restoration may prove so cheap that you need not contend with torn leather or chipped furniture any more. Moreover, refurbishment allows you to get that new look at a cheaper cost while at the same time retaining your old furniture.  At any rate, leather furniture tends to be the costlier in your collection of furniture pieces in the house, and it may take you a while before you save up enough to replace it. 

Most importantly, refurbishment will extend the life of your furniture for many more years.  Adding an extra coat of paint on your wooden furniture, for instance, can do wonders for its lifespan.

Cleaning furniture is essentially the first process in its refurbishment. This helps remove any dust, grease or wax on the furniture. Grease on leather furniture for instance, if combined with dirt, acts like a sand paper which damages the protective layer of leather furniture with time.

Finally, you may need to refurbish your furniture to change its use from, say, a drum to a table that could be placed in the lobby.  You may also need to customise certain pieces to suit your kid’s preferences.  Identifying a certain chair for instance that your small kid sits on while having dinner, and letting them know it is their special chair, is an effective way to get them to eat and at the same time feel special. Contrast this with the current arrangement where your small kids sit on regular chairs and you will realize how much it affects their comfort. Craft stores nowadays sell glue-on toys that come in the shape of animals, stars, flowers and many more kid themes. You can buy these and stick them on your kid’s chair to make them more personalised.

Doing it yourself is a viable option when considering refurbishing your furniture. However, if you need quality restoration, hiring a professional is the best option, more so where the furniture is a highly valued piece. Remember that if you’re not careful, certain alterations can damage your furniture to an irreversible extent.

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