Buying Guide: Long-Lasting Leather Sofa

long lasting leather sofa
April 23, 2018 Buying guide

Leather sofas are one of the most unique pieces of furniture you can have inside your home. These special couches can elevate the look and ambiance of any room they are placed in.

Maybe you are planning on buying that perfect leather sofa for that certain spot in your house, but you don’t know exactly how to go about it. Well, look no further! Keep these questions in mind as a guide for searching and purchasing a long-lasting and high-quality leather sofa!

Have you decided what kind of leather sofa you are planning to buy?

There are many kinds of upholstery grade leather, some dyed and pigmented. You have full grain, top grain, corrected, grain, split, nubuck, faux leather, and many more. These different leathers have various qualities, textures, and feels, so it would be good to choose what would fit best for you and the room you plan to place it in. These leathers require different cleaning and maintenance techniques, so it pays to do some research before buying.

Is the leather quality of the sofa of good value?

The next thing you can check after choosing a leather sofa is the quality of the leather material. Aside from the type of leather you choose, the quality itself should be assessed.

Is it easy to clean and maintain? Is it comfortable to sit or lie on? Is it the type that is easily stained? Remember to ask these questions when checking on the leather quality of this piece of furniture. This ensures that the sofa you pick will last for years to come.

Is the frame construction, suspension, and support stable?

As with any kind of furniture, you must make certain that the frame itself is firm and stable. It should be able to support your weight and that of anyone who’ll sit on it, without wobbling or collapsing.

Another aspect to check is if the sofa has good suspension attached inside the frame. The frame and the suspension both carry the weight placed onto the sofa and provide the durability and strength needed. It would also help if the sofa is made by a reputable manufacturer so you can be assured of its sturdiness.

Are the seat cushions comfortable? Why not try testing the springs?

When we sit on any sofa, what speaks to us first and foremost is the comfort it gives. Aside from the durability and strength that is delivered by the frame, you must consider both the support and filling of the seat cushions.

The cushions are an important aspect in determining the overall quality of a leather sofa. It’s a good idea to try testing the springs to make sure that they provide luxury and comfort for anyone who sits. It shouldn’t sag and it should give great support in the seat area and in the back. By testing the quality of the seating support and springs, you can assess the value of the sofa and if it is worth the price.

By evaluating the textile, leather quality, frame construction, suspension, and seating support of a leather sofa, it becomes easier to choose the perfect couch. Don’t forget these questions when sofa shopping so you find a long-lasting one that best fits your taste and the ambiance of the room you plan to display it in.

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