Decorating Around Leather Furniture

April 14, 2017 Leather Furniture

Couch Potato Comfort – Snuggle into your Leather Furniture Guiltlessly

The fabulous feel of leather invites you to sit and relax. It lures you into its comfy realms of sheer luxury. There is no doubt about that. Leather furniture, not only adds character to a room, but it is easily adaptable to most design styles that you may want to incorporate.  Whatever you do, do not find leather furniture intimidating, and do not allow it to rule the roost in your space.  Leather furniture is cuddly comfortable, and the more it ages, the more luxuriously silky it gets.  So, yes, we know that it is very durable and long lasting and all those good things, but sometimes you may feel that it inhibits you from applying your own style to the space, through what you believe, its dominance of a room. 

Tips for decorating around Leather furniture

It Is Not Masculine, Or Feminine.  It Is Neutral and Best Treat It as Such

Not only does this apply to its gender personification, but to its colour.  Most leather furniture is brown and therefore allows other colours to be incorporated into the overall scheme of the room. Brown allows for the whole spectrum of the rainbow to be added to it; it is like grey or cream. Think of how you dress. You wear brown leather boots with your jeans and that fabulous emerald green jacket that you recently purchased. The same applies to your leather furniture. Treat it as your boots and accessorise in your stylish and individual way.

Cheer Things Up.  Make the Room Feel Happy and Light

Traditional leather furniture is naturally dark. Balance this out easily, by adding or surrounding it with lighter accents. This will give a nice contrast. You can do this by painting the walls a light shade or scattering paler cushions and throws. Think about the coffee table that is incorporated into the space.  Perhaps, paint it a nice contrasting lighter hue that matches the cushions, or the walls.

Floor Space is Not Outer Space

You need to take in all spaces of the room, the walls, floors, ceilings and doors. If you need to lighten things up around your leather furniture, then you want to take all these aspects into account. One way of lightening up a room is to add a lighter hued carpet. This will break up the space.  Go for the natural look in sisal, jute or a Turkish Kilim that has light and colourful hues. Don’t be tempted to add brown onto the floor, rather choose creams or paler shades.

Let Nature in and Feel the Room Come Alive

Soften the whole space by bringing in some plants or natural items. This will automatically soften the look and minimise the visual heftiness of the set of leather furniture.

Lighten Up the Surrounding Furniture Pieces You Have

Don’t be tempted to create a matchy-matchy feel with any other pieces you have in the room. Think of recovering the other pieces in bright or light fabric. This will add a lovely contrast and will make sure that the leather furniture does not dominate. Remember the only thing that should be dominant in the room, aside from you of course, is that Picasso that you inherited. Layers, contrast and balance is what you are after.

Patterning and Bling

A mix of patterns will immediately draw the eye around the overall space. At the moment incorporating patterned fabrics, wall fixtures, hangings or rugs is high chic indeed. Consider using a bold colour and repeat this in either the furniture or in the curtains, as an example. In order to have a flow in the room, you can repeat the colour of the leather furniture in one or two of your accessories. If you don’t want to go bold and bling, but still have a patterned look, you can easily do this in lighter, more neutral hues.

Layers of Personality

To take the focus off the leather furniture you need to use the decorating technique called ‘layering’. Ho-hum, you say.  Décor speak. Again, go back to how you dress and use your well-honed skill in this practice in your room design. Add texture, colours, fabrics and finishes. If your beautiful silk geometric scarf completes your outfit, then think of adding a finely textured throw to the leather couch.

Differentiate Through Contrast

A space is always more interesting when there is a contrast. A white and brown colour scheme or a bright apple green and brown, for example. You may want the floors or walls to be in white contrasting nicely with the brown leather furniture.  Add a selection of bright cushions. Voila!

Be Bold and Brave

One bold colour can add a lovely depth to the room.  If you have gone with neutral on your walls you are allowed to have a striking colour in the cushions, or on the ottoman.

Don’t Fight It. Embrace It

You know that leather furniture will add serious comfort to your home and that the family will love it. There are many ways to detract from bulkiness of the leather furniture, but the bottom line is, embrace it as it does you.

Colour Options in Leather Furniture

Remember that leather does not only come in neutral brown and many manufacturers are offering different colour options. Whatever your choice, the rich texture of leather along with a super colour can add wonders to your room.

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