How to Prevent Wrinkles on Your Leather Furniture

how to prevent wringles on leather
June 6, 2018 leather furniture care

Comfort creases or discomfort creases on leather? 

Comfort zones are different for all people.  What makes me feel at home may be entirely different for someone else.  I like the casual look and my husband, bless his cotton socks and new leather shoes, likes the more formal look.  So we spend our lives trying to compromise and neither of us ends up with the look and feel we want in our home. Wrong choice perhaps of furniture or possibly wrong choice of partner?

He is constantly fluffing up the cushions on the couch and I seem to lack this burning desire to make things look new all the time.  I like old shoes. Not ancient shoes, but just worn in shoes. The same applies to leather furniture.  Some like it comfy and casual and some like it taught and formal.

Whatever moves your shoes!

Puddling on the Couch

All leather will stretch.  Think of shoes, folks.  So, a leather upholstered couch or chair will stretch over time and form comfort creases as a result of being sat on.  Yes, one does sit on couches, dear husband.  That is what they were made for.  Shoes are made for walking, remember.  So the puddling effect is, in fact, another way of saying comfort creases, or as my true love would say, discomfort creases.

Puddling or wrinkles start from day one when the piece of leather furniture is used but generally does not continue beyond this.  The amount of stretch in the leather is related to the amount of compression.  So, Wicked Aunt Matilda, who is the size of a dairy cow, will cause more stretch than most.

Factors that affect the puddling on leather furniture

  • The size of the leather panelling, i.e. large panels utilised rather than smaller segmented ones on the furniture
  • The density of the foam used in the cushions
  • The type of suspension done in the manufacturing of the leather furniture, for instance, webbing and no sag springs
  • The amount of weight placed on the seat cushion

Puddling is not the fault of the leather used.

It is indicative of good quality manufacturing as larger pieces of leather are used. The amount of puddling that occurs is mostly determined by the manner in which the furniture is upholstered and not by the type of leather that is used. 

The CORE OF THE MATTER is what is important in how much puddle occurs.

This is how to prevent wrinkles or puddling on leather furniture

  1. Regular foam rubber, commonly known as low-density foam rubber, will wrinkle the most.
  2. High-density foam is a better option and this applies to most pieces of leather furniture.
  3. The best option for the cushion core on leather furniture is known as spring fibre or spring loft.  These not only have the foam required but are made with springs in the core of the seat itself.And a spring in your seat is what you need.  Sturdy foam with springs in the design allows the leather to be pulled taught over the filling.  This is what will give a good support to the seat cover.
  4. Think of your leather furniture as if it were a mattress. You need a good one, one that when you get up, the cushioning will spring back to its original shape.
  5. Shop at professional leather manufacturers and discuss with the designer or upholsterer all the options open to you.  It is always best to have in your mind the exact requirements of the type of leather look and feel you require.
  6. Consult before-hand when having a custom piece of leather furniture made as it is always best to articulate your likes and dislikes early.

Take note:  Question your required style of the furniture and the interior setting it will sit in.

This will allow you to really work out what puddling, if any, you want. Remember wrinkles in the cushioning of the leather furniture are going to occur naturally.  That is a fact. My preference is the worn look of a leather couch, as to me it is a more relaxed feel, one where you instinctively want to schlumpf down and cuddle up in the puddle.

I embrace puddling.

To other folk, a more refined and elegant look is important. This look would suit a more formal setting and would be good in a high design studio reception area, as an example.

This is where the puddling, or wrinkle effect on the leather can be seen as a negative.

The way to handle puddling when it occurs

  • Remove the cushions and fluff them up.  My husband can give you lessons here. This will add airflow to the cushion helping the leather to retain its shape
  • Turn the cushions over on a regular basis so that the wear is equally spread
  • If you cannot remove the cushion, then get a good upholsterer to tighten the leather around the frame by resewing it.

Wrinkles on leather are not a life threatening disease. If it annoys you, it can be fixed.

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