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May 12, 2017 Leather Furniture

If it works in the Kalahari it will work in your home. Classic Glamour and Comfortable Chic

In Africa’s Kalahari Desert, there is a tented camp called Jock’s Camp. I have been there.  It is like old Africa meeting Ralph Lauren; the Kilim and oriental rugs, and the leather furniture draped with fabulous African weaving. It is like being in a Ralph Lauren advertisement, it is so classic. Leather furniture is and has always been on trend and fashionable. Ask any fashion designer, and they will tell you that whether it is adorning a supermodel or a classic piece of furniture, leather is in! I often am reminded of my beautiful Italian leather boots that I bought in Florence and wore until they collapsed in a huff, when I think of leather furniture; how leather draws you to it and stays with you.  Tart it up, or simply make it a feature in your home as it is, believe in the gurus who will tell you it will never let you down. Those boots were made for high kicks, lots of jinxes and gave me that million dollars feeling. So, yes, indeed fork out the cash, there will be no buyer’s remorse when you purchase leather furniture.

The aesthetically pleasing nature of the beast

Leather upholstery is for life and will be aesthetically pleasing for a long, long time. It brings a sense of wealth and luxury and an old world feel, just like Jock’s camp.

Furniture, upholstered in leather, looks fab in any space because of its unique texture and its richness of character. The absolute trick is to make sure that you don’t allow it to dominate a room.  Your boots don’t dominate your outfit (unless of course, they are outlandishly above the knee before the mini skirt!), so don’t allow this to happen in your special space. Leather can be dark and have a heavy look (especially when you are on your Harley Davidson), and it is best that you follow a simple design creed of everything in the space should not be too coherent.  You don’t want matchy-matchy, you want a great design and you want a finish that is fresh and comforting to the eyes.

3 x the Price, 10 x the Value

Leather may be expensive, but it is very durable, especially in high-traffic areas in your home. You will easily reupholster your fabric furniture three times in the lifespan of leather upholstered furniture.  Be careful in your choice and for some ideas, I have given you some latest trends.

Wondering what the latest trends in leather furniture are?  Here are some.

  • Black Leather

Yes, it is still on trend. To get a more modern feel and a lightness of visual weight, have the legs and surrounds in chrome or a modern metallic mix. Layer with contrasting cushions and throws to add depth and texture. It will remain stylish forever.

  • Exotic Opulence

Remember, the better quality the leather, the longer the design aesthetic will last. You can now choose from a variety of leather grades.  You can feel and see the high quality and if you can afford this, great.  But there are other options to consider.  You may want your sofa to be the highest quality leather, but the ottoman in your study could look great in a lower quality.  So no harm in mixing and matching, as there are numerous grades and designs available these days.

  • Flying Colours of Distinction

Leather furniture is no longer restricted to hues of brown, black or white.  You can get whatever colour you wish. One of the best leather sofas I have seen in a while was in a muted cobalt blue and accessorised with tones of yellow in the cushions.  Think bright red for your study, or emerald green for your TV room.

  • Bring back the Classics

Many shops are now stocking the classic silhouettes, but adding a more contemporary twist. For instance, in a new colour, or with additions that can be added such a footstool, upholstered in the latest metallic leather finishes, or trimmed with vibrant coloured nail heads.

  • Boomerang Legs

Designers love the slightly pebbled, soft feel of Italian type leather, but most of all they are choosing wood toned boomerang legs or metallic ones that give a sense of high style. Add to this some high track arms and you are on the fashion runway!

  • A Floral Arrangement

Yes, you can go into full bloom these days with metallic leather upholstery.  Whoever would have thought that old granddads chair could be stylishly covered in floral?

  • Zip Up

A great trend is to have your seat cushions zipped so that you can easily access the filling for cleaning or replacement purposes.  Remember that whilst you leather furniture may last a long time, the cushion fillings won’t.

  • Customisation is King

Most quality leather shops will now customise for your taste. You can change the feet or the cover, the colour and the type of leather.  You may want an L shape, or a smaller sofa, or a rounded one – these can be done.

  • Beware Cheap

Very often you will come across low budget leather furniture with some great designs.  Be wary here.  The designs are generally good, but the comfort is not tops and they are mass produced, sometimes using fake leather. Stick to quality stores.  Quality is still very on trend, my friends.

  • Use your Instinct

The 21st-century trend!

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