Leather Myths, Debunked

leather myths debunked
November 15, 2016 Leather Myths

Are you in search for new furniture? Are you looking for leather furniture but have reservations? We understand where you are coming from. Consumers in a showroom often stay away from leather furniture due to the belief that it is impractical to purchase. There are a lot of leather myths so popular that they are believed to be factual. We have compiled five leather myths that are believed by many but are not actually true. We are going to present facts to debunk these leather myths in order to help ease your worries.

Leather Myth #1: Leather furniture doesn’t last.

There are a lot of people who think that it is not wise to buy leather furniture because you won’t have it for a long time. People think that investing on leather furniture will just be a waste of money. That is so far from the truth. Just like any other furniture, the life of leather furniture depends on how you take care of it. A leather is a natural product which makes it a buy for a lifetime. Aging will bring out the lather’s natural patina, making it more beautiful over the years. As such, buying leather is quite a good investment.

Leather Myth #2: Leather is expensive.

One of the biggest leather myths out there is that leather is only for the rich. The price of leather depends on where it comes from and where you buy it. There are vendors who sell only the expensive items. If you have the time to shop around, you will find a lot of leather pieces that are quite reasonably priced. Even if you buy expensive leather, it will be more beneficial. Since we already know that leather furniture lasts far longer than fabric, it is a wise investment.

Leather Myth #3: Leather is easy to damage.

Another common myth about leather is that it is easily damaged, especially if you have kids and pets around. Again, not factual. The risk of damaging leather with kids and pets around is the same as any kind of furniture. As such, this should not deter you from getting leather furniture. What you can do is to have an extra coat of protective material which will make it more durable without affecting the look and feel of the leather. Protected leather will ease your worries and will let your kids and pets sit on them without damage.


Leather Myth #4: Leather is hard to care for.

If you think you have to clean leather furniture daily, you are wrong. Leather is a natural material so it is easy to care for. All you need to do is to routinely dust it and to use conditioning products once or twice a year to maintain its suppleness. A damp rag is all you need to clean stains and spills. That is easier to do than cleaning stains and spills on fabric.

Leather Myth #5: Leather is not comfortable.

This perception stems from having leather car seats. However, indoor leather furniture is so different from car seats which are subject to fluctuating temperatures in the outdoors. Indoor leather furniture is not subjected to those things. Leather furniture owners can attest that leather warms the body during winter and stays pleasantly cool during the summer. Another useful tip for leather furniture owners is to keep them away from direct sunlight during summer because they will heat up and the colour may fade prematurely.

Leather furniture provides great value. Your preconceived notions of the material should not stop you from buying that great piece of furniture. We hope that we have helped you see through the misconceptions and finally get that leather furniture that will look great in your living room.

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