Leather Recliner Buying Guide

leather recliner buying guide
January 19, 2018 Recliners

Leather recliners are the epitome of comfort. They are your friend that greets you after a long day of work and says, “Hi, come sit and relax”. Since these chairs are long lasting and hardwearing, you’ll want to ask around to find the right one. Good thing your friends at Leather King are here to help!

Factors to consider in buying your leather recliner

1. Size

Size is one of the first things you should look at when buying your recliner. You should consider how big your room is and make sure that you have enough space to let the recliner do its job. Double recliners allow two people to sit together, but they take up more space.

Also, factor in who’s going to sit on it. You can’t achieve true comfort when your chair is too small or too big. Consider also the width, do you want to be cosy and have the armrests immediately on the side, or do you want to be able to move around?

2. Style

There are more than a dozen types of leather recliner. When it comes to style, find one that suits the room you’re putting it in. However, when it comes to function, ask yourself what you need. Here are some styles for you to choose from:

· Two – Position

These are the classical types of recliners. They have two positions – upright or fully reclined – and that’s it. This means that when you recline the chair, the footrest automatically goes up as well. Consequently, these recliners take a lot of space when fully reclined so you really have to consider the size of your room. If you don’t have the luxury of space, try opting for another type.

· Rocker Recliners

This type of recliner’s function is pretty straightforward. As the name suggests, it rocks back and forth, and it also reclines. These are useful for people who like sleeping on the couch. Additionally, the footrest is adjustable so it’s more appropriate for smaller spaces.

· Push Back Recliner

Push back recliners don’t have that leg rest. They just recline like a car seat. The benefit from these recliners is they don’t consume a lot of space. If you need to raise your legs, you can even pair it up with an ottoman chair that matches its colour.

· Riser/Lifter

The riser recliner has a mechanical feature that allows the seat to raise its user to a nearly standing position. These recliners are especially designed for people who have a hard time pulling themselves up from sitting down, such as the elderly. These chairs are usually versatile so you can easily find one appropriate for your size.

There are also small features that can be considered such as wheels, massage function, and wingback pillows. Your recliners can even have secret features. It pays to look around.

3. Comfort

At the end of the day, recliners are made for comfort. Sit on it if you can. Does it have bumps? Does it feel weird? It might be a deal breaker, but no worries, repeat the process until you find the perfect one for you.

4. Extra Guide

Before purchasing your recliner make sure that it’s are made with quality materials. You’ll be moving around most of the parts, so it’s best to know if they are durable. You can find this out by reading through customer reviews and public forums. Research the brand and the materials that they use, and see if it suits your needs.

Browse our collection of leather recliners today!

Remember that recliners come with a price. So before investing in one, use this guide. Although leather is really durable, it can last longer when you take care of it. Whenever you’re ready to make that purchase, make sure you check our collection of high quality leather recliners, and get ready to sit back and recline soon!

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