Leather Sofa – DIY Cleaning ideas to avoid

leather sofa diy cleaning ideas to avoid
November 1, 2016 Furniture

A leather sofa is a good purchase! First of all, it is very stylish. It fits well into any type of interior design – from classic to modern ones. Secondly, it is a piece of luxury and it will definitely make your guests envy you and want to get one for their house too. Lastly, such piece of furniture is very comfortable and durable.

As you can see, there are lots of advantages to being an owner of such a splendid piece of furniture. But along with a pleasure of ownership comes responsibility for its proper care. A leather sofa will serve you for a long period of time but only if you take proper care of it.

The best way to do so is to call a professional company that can take care of the cleaning. Though it doesn’t seem obvious to everybody. Reasons for trying to clean the leather sofa yourself vary. Some people want to save money, some are not comfortable with strangers in a house, while others had or heard about bad experiences connected with calling service companies. All of the above reasons push people on using DIY ideas for taking care of the leather piece of furniture.

If you value your sofa, avoid common following mistakes:

  • Using a general cleaning product

    It is a common myth because there is no universal substance for cleaning everything. There are many different pieces of furniture in а house and they differ by surface type and materials of which they are made. For example, you can’t clean wooden surface with a substance for cleaning glass or clean leather with a substance for cleaning wood. Gels for cleaning dishes will not clean off grease from the sofa as well as it does dirty dishes. Don’t apply shoe cream either, it doesn’t have a good effect on furniture as it does for polishing your shoes. Also, do not apply washing powder, it will not help and will probably discolour your precious piece of furniture. Such differences need to be taken into account if you don’t want to destroy your sofa. Even if you find a specialist product for cleaning leather, you are not yet guaranteed success. You may be surprised but such products differ among themselves as well. So, if you forget to thoroughly study a label on a bottle or if you did but still have no idea what it all means, you may choose a wrong one by mistake. If you are not patient enough and end up with a bottle of solvent – say good-bye to the couch!

  • Cleaning the whole sofa at once with an unknown substance

    If you are not a cleaning   expert, then you cannot be sure of the products you use. Are you aware of the possible consequences and side effects of their use? Prior to applying it to the whole piece of furniture, try it on a small area (the one not in direct view of people) or, better, call the experts.

  • Using water for cleaning

    Water is commonly used for cleaning everything from clothing to furniture. But it can play a trick with you if you clean the leather sofa with it. Water leaves spots on such surface. They are quite visible especially if it is dark leather. They are harder to get rid of than dirt.

  • Drying the sofa with fan

    A widespread mistake of impatient people or those who think that moisture left after cleaning will spoil the couch. It is hard to say what will have a worse impact – water or the fan. High temperatures lead to cracks on the leather surface. To avoid this situation, clean it with a dry rag or a duster and let it dry out by means of natural ventilation.

  • Don’t iron clothing on the leather sofa

    It may end up without bad consequences and may not. If a piece of clothing is thin or you accidentally move an iron behind the clothing, you will see a considerable damage that is hard to disguise.

  • Take care with any spills

    Leather by nature doesn’t absorb liquids. It is definitely a bad idea to eat meal in front of a TV lying on your leather couch (better not eat in front of the TV at all, it is a bad habit). You may accidentally spill a drink or drop a piece of food. It will leave a mark on the surface for sure, since there is no food that doesn’t leave a mark and the same goes for drinks. That’s why if you or someone else spill a drink on the sofa, don’t rush to rub the surface to make it dry fast. This way you will only do more harm. Pat a ‘puddle’ with a sponge several times to eliminate liquid. You may use a dry rag as well, just try not to ‘push’ it into the leather surface. If you accidentally do so, the unwanted liquid will stain and only the professionals will be able to restore your precious piece of furniture.

  • Rubbing the couch

    Do not rub the couch with a sponge or duster. By doing so, you will spoil the surface. This process causes damage to the pores and soon appearance of the spot you were rubbing will differ from the general look of the sofa. It will be visible and will not look nice. You will probably have to see your guests in a different room.

  • Not paying attention to all the areas of the sofa

    Every sofa gets dirty from people who sit on it. It may be both dirt and dust carried on clothing or the natural oils that accumulated on your skin. That’s why, when cleaning your sofa, you need to think of it in terms of the place where a person sits. In this case what areas should be the dirtiest? These are a back and armrests. They need to be taken a proper care of since they require more attention than other parts of the piece of furniture.

  • Trying to clean grease spots

    Some types of spots are almost impossible to get rid of. Grease spots are exactly the case. If you were unlucky enough to have such a spot on your sofa, don’t try to clean it yourself or by use some DIY substance that you heard about from your friends or found on the internet. Such actions will do more damage than what is done already. The best idea is to leave it alone and call a professional cleaning service. Only they can help you and your leather sofa.


Remember that the leather gets dirty quite fast if you use it regularly. This process speeds up if you have little children or/and pets. With time, such sofa loses its natural attractiveness and that’s why it has to be cleaned regularly. Considering all of the above it can be said that there are lots of mistakes that people can make when taking care of the leather sofa. So don’t take risks by experimenting with DIY ideas and call for professional help instead.

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