Popular Colour Trends for Your Leather Sofa

December 19, 2017 Colours and designs

Just like your clothes, your leather sofa can go out of style. Be sure to check the latest colour trends before going all-out on a furniture-buying spree. We checked the trends in the interior design industry for you, and listed the most popular colours among buyers this year.

Top choices of colours for leather sofa

· Greenery

What better way to colour your house than using the colour of the year? Earth colours have been in fashion for quite some time now, so Pantone’s made a great choice by choosing one.

Your leather sofa is usually the centrepiece for any living room. Choosing green can provide instant refreshment to the eyes. It can be matched with light colours to upsize that revitalising effect. Dark colours for contrast can also match it. You can even go all out with earth colours by matching it with blue or brown furniture!

· White

White is a timeless colour. A white sofa can match any mood and any season that life has to offer. If you feel like being colourful, you put varied colours of throw pillows on that couch. If you feel monochromatic, pair white with a single colour indifferent shades.

There are colours that you can just get sick of when you look at your couch for years.  Since a leather couch usually lasts a long time, it would be good to choose a colour that will be resilient to changes. If you are that type who wants to mix and match and experiment all the time, white could be the colour for you.

· Navy blue

While black could be matched with just about as many colours of white, many people are ditching it for navy blue. This shade provides relatively the same darkness and flexibility of black, but adds a twist.

Try putting a navy blue couch in the middle of the room with completely white walls. Compared to black, it doesn’t give the melancholic vibe. Navy blue is sophisticated, gentle, and well-mannered, just like an ideal in-law.

· Pastels

Pastel colours are in! There was a time that vibrant colours were in, but not anymore. People are exhausted by the entire hullabaloo in the outside world; they want their couch to be a relaxing colour.

Colours that are naturally soft have been further tamed in their pastel shade. In addition, pastels can be matched with other light colours such as white. If the muted shade needs a boost, you can always spice up your living room with bright colours of pillows, vases and carpets.  All while your couch remains cute and inviting for you to relax on it after a hard day.

There are also other colours trending such as millennial pink. Bottom line is, soft colours are now really popular.

Colours that are out (or almost out!)

We could talk all day about the things you can add to put flavour in your living room. However, we must also talk about the things we have to get rid of. Out with the old, in with the new.

· Orange

Orange was so popular in the past years. These sofas usually are incorporated to black. This colour brings too much energy in the room. Designers now go for a sleek look by making orange an accent instead, adding a little orange to a toned-down colour scheme.

A better suggestion is to replace it with mustard colour. Now that the world embraces diversity, including colours, opt for a hybrid instead of plain orange.

· Hot pink

Hot pink is one of the colours that have gone out of style too fast because itishard to match it with other non-neutral colours. It also represented a rather young atmosphere. For practicality’s sake, you want your leather sofa to be timeless. That’s why we’re saying goodbye to hot pink.

Trends change fast, and you always have the choice to keep up. There are colours that have been tested through time such as the classic brown leather. However, a little bit of experimentation can always be fun. If you are planning to get a new leather sofa and need further advice, feel free to call our team here at Leather King.

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