Pros of Vinyl Upholstery

pros of vinyl upholstery
February 19, 2018 Vinyl Upholstery

When you are planning to buy furniture, the choice of upholstery is vital. This will depend on where you are going to place it and how frequently it will be used. If you are placing your furniture outdoors, such as on a deck, you have to consider the weather elements that may take a toll on it. Similarly, when your furniture will be subjected to frequent use, like in a bar, restaurant and other high traffic locations, you need upholstery that could withstand the wear and tear.

For home, commercial, and outdoor use, you commonly find furniture made with vinyl upholstery. It’s a good option not only because of its resistance to daily wear and tear and most weather elements, but also because of the wide variety of materials available to choose from.

Why should you opt for vinyl upholstery?

There are many benefits to choosing vinyl upholstery when buying new pieces of furniture or restoring old ones. Below are some of the main reasons why vinyl fabric is a popular choice among buyers.


One of the biggest reasons why most people choose vinyl upholstery over leather is that it is easier to clean. While leather needs certain kinds of cleaning agents to remove dirt and spills, vinyl can be cleaned using most common cleaning products. These will effectively remove almost anything that gets on your furniture, from paint to spilled food and drinks. This makes them ideal to be used in restaurants and bars, where there is a high probability of food and drink spills and stains. Just make sure to steer clear of cleaning agents that can cause the vinyl to crack and dry, check any new product on a small part of hidden vinyl (such as the underside of a chair or stool) to be sure it won’t hurt your furniture.


Other than being easy to clean, vinyl is also known for its durability. This is one of the features of vinyl that attracts most buyers to it.  While vinyl upholstery is not as durable as authentic leather upholstery, it can withstand high daily wear and tear for years. This material does not get damaged or scratched easily and can be resistant to fire.

Many homeowners use vinyl to upholster furniture at home because it is family and kid-friendly. Expanded-back vinyls on the other hand are commercial grade vinyl. They are manufactured and intended for heavier use like restaurants, bars or kitchen benches. Special coatings like antibacterial or anti-stain treatments can be added to make it more resistant to dirt, making the furniture last longer.


Another advantage of vinyl upholstery is that there are so many colours, textures, and patterns to choose from. They are available in basic colours and leather-like texture, but there are other designs that will suit almost any preferences. They can easily match all types of decor- from traditional to modern furniture styles.


The reason why vinyl upholstery is often used for outdoor furniture is that it is impenetrable to water and other weather elements. Vinyl on furniture is meticulously stitched to maintain its waterproof quality. However, not all vinyl materials are equally impervious to weather and water. If you want something that is suitable for outdoor use, you should choose marine-grade vinyl upholstery. This is mostly use for outdoor seats, patio umbrellas, recreational vehicles, awnings, and motor homes.

Sun protection

When placed outdoors, your furniture is exposed to sunlight, which can cause its colours to fade. Through certain treatments and manufacturing methods, some vinyl upholstery has added protection from ultraviolet rays, causing the colours to fade less. This material can block sunlight effectively, so it is also used to protect other sun-sensitive materials and fabrics.

Remember to buy only high-quality and high-grade vinyl fabric upholstery in order to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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