When to change your Sofa

when to change your sofa
January 24, 2017 Furniture

Be it’s your favourite TV buddy or your friend in need in a marital discord, a time will come when you may want to reconsider its stay, for your well-being and comfort. There are a number of things to keep in mind when considering sofa replacement.

On average, sofas have a ‘life expectancy’ of 7-15 years, slightly less than cats. Much like their feline roommates, they are usually quite soft, but unlike the furry celebrities, they will always cuddle you. Except that the cuddling gets less and less enjoyable over time, which may just make you question the king of your living room.

You should change your sofa when:

The occasional flu and other minor diseases strike out of nowhere

You’ve spent a week inside, binging on your favourite show or tediously working from home, having rare, if any visits, and yet you’ve somehow gotten a cold without even exposing yourself to the outdoor bacterial circulation or any sudden temperature changes. No apparent reason comes to mind, right?

Here’s the catch. You probably consider your lavatory seat to be the most bacteria-rigged area of your private space. In that case, you’re wrong. Two household items are recognised as the filthiest places of every home. The keyboard, averaging at 7,500 bacteria, and the sofa, with a staggering average of 19,200 germs per 40 square inches, while the toilet seat remains at a much lower filth rate of 1,600 germs per equal amount of space. Not to mention your pets and children, bringing all sorts of life-forms to your everyday resting spot and continuously increasing that stunning number.

Hence, studies show that old sofas are the official disease hotspots of every home. Whether you’re a clean freak, or have a weak immune system or are concerned with protecting your children from the flu and all other sorts of discomfort, you should always keep in mind that replacing your old sofa may be one of the most efficient solutions to health issues.

It gets permanently damaged

Nothing ruins watching the game more than a broken seat board, forcing you to constantly shift your position in an endless search of a comfortable one, because after a while, such a position will be impossible to find. Once one part gets broken, its weight-supporting function is transferred to the rest of its “colleagues”, making them do more work than they were made for, gradually making the couch unusable. Even if the obsolescence of one part doesn’t cause dysfunction in the other ones, you are still lacking the luxury that every sofa should offer, which is complete and utter relaxation, in every position, on every part of it.

Why would you have to always take one side, because the other one is dented? It’s your sofa, you should use it as you please. Dents are the most discomforting problem, but what about scratches and stretch marks? Besides re-sewing them like you would an old jacket some decades ago, which, by the way, doesn’t really replace the old view of its perfect curves and valleys, the only remaining solution is to buy a new one.

Its age becomes too apparent

Unless you’re from Japan or fond of its culture and believe in Wabi-Sabi, the way of valuing things based on the rugged appearance which gives them a history, the “life experience” of material things, you probably think your sofa was the most beautiful for the first week it spent in front of your television set. You two have been through thick and thin, you’ve shared many unspoken thoughts in its silent embrace, but still, that left side is really starting to bother you for its lack of symmetry every time you notice it, because of the big dent that your hyperactive Doberman uses as a second bed.

You’re most likely to forgive your pet, but you shouldn’t ignore this aesthetic issue. The furniture in your home may play one of the key roles in first impressions. Would you let your three-seat make your date think that you’re in fact a messy guy who doesn’t care about his environment? Would you let your boss witness the improbable state of your living quarters when he comes over for dinner? This may be a superficial reason, but it’s nonetheless a reflection of one’s success. A truly comfortable sofa is pleasing to the eye as well.

You simply get bored of it

People’s preferences and life experiences are shaped by their environment. One of the biggest environment factors is our personal space, the place where we spend most of our free time, doing what we please. Hence, everything in it should actually be pleasing to us. Re-decorating the interior (which sofas are a big part of) is known to dramatically improve emotional and mental issues. And even if your mind is perfectly healthy, whenever your living room starts feeling dull, it’s time to do something about it.

In short, if your sofa doesn’t live up to these four crucial expectations, it’s time to do something about it. For the sake of sanitation, comfort, aesthetics or emotional fulfilment of the most popular destination in your private space.

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