Where Did this Stain Come From?

where did this stain come from
March 19, 2018 Leather maintenance

Leather is a versatile material which is used to create many kinds of products. From shoes and seats to high end furniture, leather is well sought out for its adaptability and flexibility.

However, not even leather is immune from different stains and blemishes. Here are a few substances that can unfortunately stain even your favourite leather couch:

1. Acetone

Acetone, sometimes just referred to as nail polish remover, can leave a mark on leather. It is a chemical substance that is known to remove the colour and finish from leather. The result is a bleached spot around the area it was applied or placed, and this is unfortunately very hard to remove once it ruins the leather.

2. Grease and Oil

One of the most common stains, grease is a source of unsightly marks on leather furniture. It may even give the leather a kind of sheen that just ruins the overall look of the material. It is one of the hardest stains to remove since you will not be able to get the grease out with just water.

3. Ink and Markers

Using a similarly-coloured marker to cover another stain will just make it worse! Aside from it being quite noticeable, the marker ink may even damage your leather furniture.

4. Hair Spray

Some people might say that hair spray is a good way to remove marks and blemishes on leather but that is simply not true. Hair spray contains alcohol that will end up damaging leather.

Aside from that, the sticky residue of hair spray just attracts more dirt and dust onto the leather. This may cause several problems such as discolouration and more difficult cleaning and maintenance of the item.

5. Paint

Another substance that will definitely leave a mark on your leather chair or sofa is paint! Especially if it is a bright colour. There are different types of paint, and it can be more difficult to remove an oil-based than an acrylic paint. Even harder is trying to cover it up or removing it on your own, as this can damage the leather material.

6. Shoe Polish

You may think that using shoe polish to clean and shine your leather furniture is a good idea but it is not! Shoes are tanned differently from upholstery-grade leather. Shoe polish will just stain and leave marks as furniture leather does not absorb shoe polish as shoe leather does.

7. Window Cleaner

Believe it or not, this has happened to others before! There were those who thought that window cleaners are generally harmless and that it would be perfectly alright to clean leather with this. You might want to use window cleaner to clean your sofa, thinking it won’t do anything, but that is simply not the case. Even a mild window cleaner contains alcohol that can ruin or remove the top coat on leather furniture!

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With all these substances and materials that can blemish and mark your leather, you may think that it’s difficult to clean, maintain, and repair. If you come across an incident like this and accidentally stain the leather of your car seat or sofa, contact Leather King right away!

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